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User Experience
User Interface
Digital Design
Visual Identity
Prototype Animation

In January 2019, I took on a personal learning project to gain experience in UX/UI design and add a piece for my portfolio.

I chose to redesign the website of Place, a women's clothing shop in my hometown.Place is a small business that is very progressive and has its own distinct style, which is not reflected through their current website.

My goal was to redesign the website to create an experience that comes closer to the in-person experience of the shop; elegance and style in an inviting atmosphere.


Industrial Design
User Research
System Design
User Testing
Model Making/Prototyping

For my thesis, I was told to choose a problem and through a process spanning 9 months, design a solution.

The primary aim of my project was to combat public urination in urban environments.

It also gave me the opportunity to positively impact the environment in three ways: giving the public a convenient, hygienic and safe place to pee, reducing pollution and energy use and adding plant life and public space to our cities.


User Experience
User Interface
Digital Design

Recently, I undertook a design challenge; to redesign the homepage of a hotel’s website.

I completed the project within 30 hours, it was the first solo UX/UI project I had taken on.


User Experience
User Interface
User Research
Digital Design
User Testing
Visual Identity

During my final year, I spent 6 weeks working with a local (and now award winning) start-up company.

‍Our team was tasked with creating a click-through prototype of the company’s website from scratch. The project was short and intense, with the expectation of a high quality output.

We carried out broad and thorough research, extensive iteration and careful refinement and detailing.

We worked very closely with the company’s CEO, Iain Gilmore who was very happy with the final product.

I learned a huge amount about UX/UI, logo and branding design as well as project documentation and working on a project in SCRUM.


I'm 22-years-old, I've been living in Barcelona since June, and I've always been a lover of good design. Eventually, I want to design for social impact. Right now, I want to use digital product, brand and visual identity design to promote growth in companies.
I'm inherently sociable, love meeting new people and thrive in a friendly workplace.
I'm driven; I always try to get the best out of anywhere I am or anything I am doing.
I love to travel, explore Barcelona, eat/cook good food and stay fit through sport or strength and fitness training.
Outside of design, I am most passionate about music. I love going to festivals and events, listening to new music or going song-for-song with good friends after a night out.
University of Limerick
Product Design & Technology (BSc)
2.1. Honours
I worked with an award winning Irish start-up as part of a UX/UI design team.
I have completed several freelance projects between UX/UI, Illustration and graphic design.
Outside of design, I have worked as a: barman, waiter, kitchen porter, event promoter, organiser, photographer and security guard, demolition man, furniture mover, general labourer, carpenter, and landscaper.
References available upon request.
Software Proficiency
Design process & Skills
Applying a range of research methods and accumulating results into a design guide
Idea Generation
Brainstorming and getting thoughts onto the page at a high pace
Sketching & Rapid Protoyping
Using low fidelity models, hand sketching and wireframing to clearly communicate a concept
User Testing & Refinement
Testing an MVP with users to highlight pain points and refine the design
Detailing & design for manufacture
Interactions, animations, material selections, branding, packaging, CAD modelling, technical drawing etc.
Final Design Communication
Stimulating presentations & pitches, high fidelity models, professional product photography and striking graphics


I'm actively seeking employment and freelance projects, so get in touch!

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